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Do My Finance HomeworkThe definitions cover cash, cash equivalents, cash flows, operating activites, making an investment activites and financing activites. Cash AS 3 comprises cash on hand and insist deposits with banks only. IAS 7 has accounting homework more extensive definition which includes bank borrowings customarily in finance homework nature of ODs which are repayable by finance homework entity on demand and form an intergral part of finance homework cash control of finance homework entity. Cash Equivalents This definition has similarities in both cases short term , incredibly liquid investments which are with ease convertible into known amounts of money and are area finance assignment a trifling risk in changes in value. The definition of operating activites, investing activites and financing activites are regular across finance homework two standardsThere are accounting homework few minor ameliorations for example, AS 3 specifies that attention and sividend paid can be labeled as financing actions while attention and dividends obtained can be financing activities in case of non financial entities. However, there’s no such stipulation under IAS 7 which enables finance homework above finance project be classified as working, investing or financial as long as consistency is maintained throughout periods.